From Russia with love featuring Savannah Secret

Despite Savannah Secret’s western sounding name you can tell listening to her that she is likely to be Russian which makes sense as these video and pics were shot in St Petersburg. I like a natural bush but hers is the hairiest I have seen for a long time. Unusually for this site Savannah is given an enema before she gets fucked in her ass. Although they might have been justified in giving her a douche as well before entering her pussy – you just never know with these Russian girls.
Savannah Secret Sucking cock - Russian style
Fisting a hairy bush

In this BDSM fantasy update, you will see Savannah Secret wrestled to the floor of her apartment in St Petersburg, tied up, manhandled, and subjected to rough sex. She is tied up in the bathtub and given a humiliating enema so that she can be fucked in her ass. After she has been severely paddled she is fucked in the ass again while her hairy pussy is roughly fisted.She is then hogtied in her sauna and the men then cum on her face. There are also scenes of double penetration and erotic torture leading to powerful orgasms. See more…..

The insatiable Tara Lynn Foxx back at Hogtied and in inescapable bondage

Tara Lynn Foxx

Really glad to see Tara Lynn Foxx back. She’s not just a pretty blonde – she’s always willing to give more for a BDSM shoot, always ready to make all her holes available and she NEVER gives up until everyone is completely satisfied.
Tara Lynn Foxx sucking on a dick on a stick Clit pinched and butt plugged

This hot honey pot fox comes on set with all the experience a pro porn star has. She knows how to suck, fuck, take it like a champ, and give all her service with a smile. That is all nice and good, but we want to see this bitch put on edge, that smile off her face, and orgasms that blow her little brain out… so lets play.
Tara is quite a tough cunt. We start of with caning one of the most sensitive regions on a woman – her pussy. Tara at first takes it, breathes through the pain, and tries to maintain her composure. The situation quickly decomposes however into a moist eyed, heavy breathing, trying to escape from the pain hot cunt. They seem so much sexier when they try and shy away from something that is inescapable and brutal. With all the squirming, she does not seem to need the bench anymore, so its taken away and she is fully suspended in an intense back arch. My hand easily fits into her cunt and in the beginning she is immediately fisted, suspended, and vibrated into very intense orgasms. Game on, Tara.
Second, our blonde beauty is bound in an upright chair position against a beam. Her breasts are cruelly secured with twine and her hair pulled up, so she can’t move away from the activities in store for her. Tara has a big mouth and can suck cock like a champ, but i’d like to push it, watch the drool and terror from cock choking breath play rush with anxiety from lack of hair wash across her face. Face punching, slapping, orgasm control… the amount of orgasms she has are intense and profuse. Unable to close her legs, the blonde whore has no choice but to submit to the experience.

Let me introduce The Fuck Block

Satine Phoenix

This entry is less about Satine Phoenix and more about the Fuck Block. This episode dated from 2008 and was the first time this useful piece of equipment was employed in a scene. You can see how it can be used to support and restrain a slut while she is being fucked in a variety of possible holes. Unfortunately the video is unavailable now so I hope you will enjoy the pics instead.

Satine Phoenix is passionate about BDSM. As a lifestyler, she was a collared slave for six months. Wanting to work with Mark Davis for years, she finally gets her chance to submit and get fucked by him. We put her in our new contraption, the Fuck Block, a simple yet extremely effective device. First, on her knees with wrists secured behind her back, then bent over it for ass punishment and fucking. Satine is also humiliated and made to pee twice while in bondage. Hot sexual energy and great chemistry in this update.

The pleasing sounds of a fleshy sex slave being flogged

Nerine Mechanique

You might think that Nerine Mechanique is a little too fleshy to appeal to my sophisticated taste but let me tell you that the more flesh a girl has on her, the more pleasing the sound made by her flogging or spanking. Nerine graduated from here as a sex slave and went on to work on the Upper Floor as a house slave.
Trainee sex slave Nerine Mechanique Tied up for a flogging
Exposed on the rack Face fucked

Nerine proved to be very impressive during her first day, so we continued on to a second day. Her service skills and high level of protocol knowledge have proven worthy of more digging to find a level to improve her. She endures brutal torture, strict binds, and more face fucking to finish out her final day of training.

Cherry Torn’s submissive positions for male dom BDSM

Cherry Torn

I think you can tell how submissive a girl is by the kind of positions she is happy to adopt for male dom sex. Look at Cherry Torn lying on her back with her head dangling over the edge of the couch just so that the guy can get a better angle when throat fucking her. It’s my favourite too. You can feel your cock sliding into the slut’s throat. I would have tied her hands though!
Submissive Cherry Torn Cherry Torn fucked in her ass
Cherry Torn mouth fucked lying on her back Cherry Torn tied to a chair and fucked in her mouth

The beautiful and very submissive Cherry Torn returns with new guy Xander Corvus! In this fantasy role play, Cherry’s husband gets a promotion that requires him to move across country. Not wanting to leave, she agrees to live the rest of her life in sexual servitude. Shot on location this update includes rough sex, anal penetration, hard face fucking, painful nipple and tongue clamps and bondage sex!

Well you’d look unhappy too if you were tied up and led through the public streets like a dog on a leash

Lea Lexis

This is from one of gorgeous Lea Lexis’ first BDSM porn shoots. She is blonde now of course and looks all the better for it. She doesn’t look all that happy here but then neither would you if you were just about to be led like a dog through the public streets on a leash.
Lea Lexis leashed like a dog in public

Lea Lexis is back at Public Disgrace for more public bondage, public fucking, and public cock sucking! Steve Holmes leads her down the street like a dog and then takes her into a construction site and to fuck her while all the workers watch and take pictures. Her tits gets tied up nice and tight and she sucks cock and gets spreads her legs until Steve is ready to plant a big load of cum on her face.

The zipper test for trainee slaves

This is one of the scenes that illustrates why the Training of O is such a unique BDSM site. If you want to train your slave to stop fidgeting, the zipper test is the most logical and sensible way to do it. I’ll bet Nikki Darling is a far more useful slave than before
Trainee slave in massive zipper test

I. The Task:
She is still trying untangle and coil up all the heavy rope in the basement. It’s been four days under the stairs in the nastiest part of the basement with this fucking rope task. It smells, it is cold, and she is slow. This is her final chance to finish before she is severely punished.
II. The Lesson:
She has a fidgeting problem. The web of zippers will help her.
III. The Slave Dance:
I make her dance every day. The first attempts were awkward. Today, she earns the chance to show grace while chained to the pole and made to dance under a six foot single tail whip. Make me feel proud, Nikki.
IV. The Gimp:
Her final routine is a dance on the tip of a hard cock. In sexual training, we strive for the slave to do the work. A slave girl should be bouncing all over that hard cock and loving it. I finally make her present that nice ass, and let the gimp pump her till it comes all over her.
Did Nikki Darling learn anything from her four days in the basement?
This update includes: erotic manual labor, naked exercise, sweating slut, massive zipper pull, stress positions, slave dance, single tail whip, dominance and submission, gimp fucking and sucking, fucking the gimp, slave training, submissive curriculum

See the video clip of this shoot

A beautiful submissive in simple bondage and male dom bdsm sex

Lea Lexis sucks the cock of the male dom The best bondage is simple like these handcuffs
Lea takes a truncheon up her ass

Is there anything more horny than a beautiful girl in a submissive situation? No I don’t think so. Lea Lexis definitely fits into that category. Just look at those appealing eyes as she sucks the cock of the male dom in this fantasy roleplay.
I prefer simple forms of bondage like these handcuffs or just an ordinary wrist tie.
I can’t imagine what Lea Lexis must have been feeling lying there with a gag in her mouth, handcuffs cutting into her wrists while a truncheon was rammed up her ass.

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Dani Daniels – the ideal girl next door if you’re into male dom BDSM

Dani Daniels-girl next door and BDSM submissive
When you just look at Dani Daniels’ face you would be forgiven for thinking that she is a very pretty girl next door type. The kind of girl your mother would like you to bring home for tea on a Sunday afternoon.
Then you look a bit further down and you see that hot bush and begin to think of how you’d like to fuck her senseless before taking her home to mummy for tea.
But I think I’d better show you another pic of Dani before you start getting any ideas about marriage and babies and suchlike.
Dani Daniels bent and bound
Don’t bring a bunch of flowers with you when you come to visit her, bring a whip instead. She’d prefer to be bent over, bound and whipped before rough penetration.

This is maybe not the best male dom BDSM scene I have ever watched (eg no anal sex) but that is more than made up for by Dani’s stunning good looks. In fact I came just by enjoying these two pics above. Can’t wait to see her again.

See Dani Daniels in this male dom BDSM scene

A field punishment – male dom bdsm on the farm

Birched in a field
I’ve never seen the slightest reason why BDSM porn should be confined to the tired old studio dungeon set. They should get out and about more. Girls can be stripped, tied up, punished and fucked anywhere. And if they can get a breath of fresh air while being abused – well so much the better.
The making use of what is around is another aspect that appeals to me. Here for instance an old gate post is used as a whipping post and a bundle of birch twigs from the hedge as a very painful whip.
Sabrina Sweet also gets fucked in her ass in this shoot.

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